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How Important Is Memory And Storage Devices

Primary storage is also known as the computer’s main or internal memory. This storage is where the main instructions for the computer operations are stored, and it is accessed directly by the Central Processing Unit. Primary storage devices hold data while a computer is running and power is going into the devices. Once the power stops, the data is removed.

Secondary storage is a type of storage that holds data for the long term. This type of storage is also called external, secondary, or auxiliary memory. Once data has been stored on a secondary storage device, it takes deleting to obliterate it. In the case of power failure, while working on a computer, secondary storage still makes sure to save the job being carried out on it, something a primary storage device can’t do. Secondary memory is where the operating system, hardware drivers, and data created by a computer user are permanently stored and kept. The most common secondary storage examples are hard drives in a computer, USB flash drives, secure digital cards, and solid-state drives. Read More

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